Why should I submit kits to DrumandSoundkits.com?

The number one reason to submit kits to DrumandSoundkits.com is for the money. Since the site has begun to accept kit submissions it has paid out over $9,000.00 in sales to kit submitters. Where else can you go put up a kit for free, not have to pay for promotion, and get paid while you sleep? Not to mention, you have absolutely no money tied up in the submission process so it’s risk free.

Not only is the money a great incentive, but you are also expanding your customer base. DrumandSoundkits.com has received orders from across the globe; from people that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to reach without spending thousands of dollars in promotion.

Also, submitting a kit is very simple. Just send us the compressed kit file, an audio or video demonstration, a brief description of the kit, and the image you’d like uploaded with your kit to drumandsoundkits@gmail.com.

Let’s Recap:

Free Kit Submissions.
You’ll reach a Global Market.
You’ll expand your customer base.
You get paid while you sleep.
You have no money invested.
There’s no risk involved.
It’s Simple.

So, why haven’t you submitted your kit yet.

Producer Split Rates

Non-Exclusive Authors:

Non Exclusive Authors will receive 40% Of all orders.

Exclusive Authors:

Exclusive Authors will receive 50% Of all orders.

Payouts are sent within 72 Hours after the 1st and 15th of every month.


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